Breathtaking sunsets, where to find them

The sunset always surprises us. During summer evenings while doing activities, during moments of rest and socialization it envelops us in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for the perfect sunset to experience and capture as an indelible memory, here are some suggestions.

From Belvedere Ovest and via S. Rocco in Montepagano

Belvedere Ovest and Via S. Rocco are located a few steps away from the center of Montepagano and they are enchanting panoramic points where the view extends over the sea and the surrounding hills. Accompanied by the sunset lights, you can visit the village, a true gem of the Abruzzo coast, wandering through alleys, squares, and churches. An aperitif with local products is a must, it’s the perfect time!

On the beach and from the pedestrian and cycle bridge

Every evening on the beaches of Roseto, you can enjoy the sunset in good company, relaxing in the beach resorts that frequently organize pleasant musical evenings that often start just as the sun goes down. There is nothing better to end the day. If, on the other hand, you feel like taking a walk, on foot or by bike, you can cross the recently inaugurated pedestrian and cycle bridge that reaches the nearby town of Pineto. From the bridge, you can admire a spectacular view of the sea and the Vomano River, rich in vegetation and animal species. You will experience the feeling of being in a place suspended in time and space, immersed in the evening light.

From the hills overlooking the Gran Sasso and from the Colle Patito cross

As soon as you climb a little up the hill, for example, the hamlet of Cologna Paese, the absolute protagonist of the landscapes of Roseto is the mountain range of Gran Sasso. There it is, it looks like the profile of a sleeping beauty. The light of the sunset sets it ablaze and gives you an exciting spectacle every time. In the various walks on foot or even simply from the car window, the Gran Sasso keeps you company in all its grandeur and wonder.

Another path suitable for everyone starts from Colle Patito and enters among fields and vineyards until it reaches the stone cross built in the XVII century. Once at the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire area, which during the sunset hours is enriched with unique colors and sensations.