Cammino D’Abruzzo, 700km in the heart of Abruzzo

The Abruzzo Trail runs through 71 municipalities, drawing a route of about 700 km in the varied regional geography. Carefully created by the Abruzzo Free Foot Association, this circular itinerary envelops the traveler in a counterclockwise dance of spectacular scenery, weaving Abruzzo’s rich history with the thread of adventure. From paths that climb hills and mountains to those that lap the sea, the Cammino embraces villages and hamlets, interweaving the stories of the four capital cities-L’Aquila, Chieti, Teramo and Pescara. With an ambitious dream to expand, it aspires to weave each Abruzzo municipality into a network of routes that embrace the territory even more intimately, taking travelers to every hidden corner of this land.

The Project

Broken down into 37-39 stages, the Abruzzo Trail invites adventure by foot or mountain bike, making itself accessible to people with mobility disabilities through the use of joilettes. This route is a celebration of Abruzzo’s historical, artistic, cultural and natural heritage, embodying the ideal of slow tourism. This experience invites travelers to conscious and respectful discovery, while encouraging local communities to enhance and activate their resources. The Walk is not only a journey through Abruzzo’s beauty, but also a catalyst for reinvigorating the economy of local small businesses, bringing new vitality to villages and towns facing the challenge of depopulation

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