Volta ad ostro

Voltarrosto‘s name derives from the words “volta ad ostro,” which means “turn to noon,” an indication for pilgrims looking for the Church of San Martino, which was once located near the bridge over the Vomano river. Originally a small settlement of houses and a dovecote, Voltarrosto has developed thanks to the commitment of its community. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the most important hamlets of Roseto, thanks also to the presence of a significant artisanal area, an elementary school, the “Moretti” high school, and numerous commercial and artisanal activities.

In 1951, a committee of residents promoted a fundraising campaign for the construction of a church dedicated to Saint Anne, inaugurated in 1954, which is still present but almost unused. Since 2010, the main parish has been that of the Church of Santa Teresa di Calcutta, a modern building with splendid stained-glass windows designed by the artist from Castelli, Nino Di Simone, which represent scenes from the life of the saint as a testimony to the continuous evolution of sacred art.