The pier, a symbol of the seaside town

The pier of Roseto degli Abruzzi, , one of the most representative symbols of the city, is currently undergoing significant renovation works. We can’t wait to see it shine in all its wonderful importance and beauty!

Stretching over one hundred meters, the pier ends with a roundabout from where you can observe the entire Rosetan coast from a unique point of view, surrounded by the sea. Its history began several decades ago when the jetty was built: a protective barrier for the beach from the gravel transported by the Vomano river and storms.

In 1983, the surrounding area was renovated, and the jetty was converted into the pier we know today. In front of the pier, there is a square with a green area, where a bronze statue was placed in memory of the Fallen at sea. The work, created by the sculptor Daniele Guerrieri, represents the rescue attempt of two men from the sinking of a ship. This statue is a tribute to the people of Roseto, who intend to pass on to future generations the history of their origins, strongly linked to the sea on which the local economy and culture are based.