“The Stars of Roseto degli Abruzzi”

Sen. Giuseppe Devincenzi

Senator Giuseppe Devincenzi (1814-1903) was born into a family of agrarian bourgeoisie and dedicated his life to politics. He played a very important role in the post-unitary regional rebirth and in the development of the national communication network. He worked tirelessly for the creation of the Adriatic railway network.
He also founded the Mazzarosa Winery, which still stands out today for its technological innovations.

He also founded the Mazzarosa Winery, which still stands out today for its technological innovations.

Pasquale Celommi

Pasquale Celommi (1851-1928) attended the School of Nude Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and was appreciated in Italy and throughout Europe, receiving important recognitions. The protagonists of his work are landscapes and people who animate glimpses of intimate everyday life flooded with light, a characteristic trait of the artist. Even in religious subjects, there is the emotionality and intimacy of the simplest gestures. Through his painting, he expresses the essence of our land amidst paths, fields, sunrises, and sunsets over the sea.

Raffaello Celommi

Raffaello Celommi (1881 – 1957) was the son of Pasquale Celommi and already as a child showed interest in painting, taking his first artistic steps in his father’s studio. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and throughout his career contributed to deepen the stylistic figure of his father, according to common opinion, surpassing him at a technical level. The subjects related to the territory, the landscapes, and the portrayed people refer to the themes dear to Pasquale but through a more brilliant palette, they restore an even more poetic and vibrant atmosphere.

Luigi Celommi

Luigi Celommi (1933 – 2016) is the third ring of the “painters of light”. In the initial phase of his painting, his works clearly reflected the technique and subjects dear to his grandfather and father. In a second phase, his works begin to prefer different themes, drawing inspiration from the world of work, feminine images, and social issues.

Riccardo Celommi

Riccardo Celommi (1967)  is the son of Luigi Celommi and represents the fourth generation of the painting dynasty. His paintings, depicting landscapes and female figures in particular, have been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Italy.

Pier Giuseppe Di Blasio

Pier Giuseppe Di Blasio (1896 – 1964),  a painter and ceramist, attended the Fine Arts Institute of Rome where he first exhibited his work at the Casa d’Arte Palazzi in 1925. His art is always attentive to social reality, with a predilection for female images and work in the fields.

Bruno Zenobio

Bruno Zenobio (1941) is one of the most important representatives of the ancient art of mosaics at an international level. He has received many awards and exhibited his work all over the world. His mosaics shine in our city in a surprising explosion of colors.

For example, we can admire them in the Church of the Sacro Cuore and on the central seafront. Bruno is a master in his field, but above all, he is a master of life with extraordinary sensitivity and unique charisma. In addition to his mosaic production, his numerous anecdotes and his love for art and Roseto are a cultural heritage that we cannot do without.

Remo Maggetti

Remo Maggetti (1937 – 2003)  is a basketball symbol of Roseto. Since he was very young, he immediately stood out for his explosive dynamism, incredible speed, and ability to rise to the basket. His career was a succession of call-ups, titles, and victories in various cities in Italy and in the National team.

He won championships, the Intercontinental Cup of Madrid, the Italian Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup, and had a long career in Serie A, constantly winning the top scorer.

After retiring from the game, he worked extensively in management in youth teams, becoming a reference point for sports in Roseto.

Since 2004, the sports hall in Roseto degli Abruzzi has been named after him, and every year an international summer tournament, the “Ministars” Tournament, is held in his memory, with the participation of youth teams.

Gianluca Ginoble

Gianluca Ginoble (1995) is a singer known worldwide as one of the three members of the musical group Il Volo, along with Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone.

Gianluca showed a great interest in music from a young age and participated in various music competitions and talent shows.

In 2009, he participated in the Italian talent show “Ti Lascio Una Canzone,” and it was during this occasion that the successful journey of Il Volo began.

In 2015, Gianluca Ginoble, along with Il Volo, won the Sanremo Music Festival by presenting the song “Grande amore,” which secured the first place both in the overall ranking and the jury’s ranking. The trio performs all around the world, from Latin America to Japan, Australia, across Europe, and in the United States, filling us with pride. We wish them to fly higher and higher!