The flavors of the territory at 0 KM

The Abruzzese cuisine is famous for its simplicity yet at the same time for the great variety of flavors and fragrances it can express. This variety of choice and gastronomic proposals strongly reflects the biodiversity of the territory that the whole world envies, from the mountains to the coast.

Sea on the table

The cuisine of Roseto degli Abruzzi is based on ingredients mainly from the surrounding countryside and the sea. The concept of “KM 0” is very important, as the city is located in a privileged position, surrounded by a vast agricultural area that produces a wide variety of products.

For those who want to discover the true taste of “KM 0”, we recommend visiting the weekly local markets and the covered market in the inner streets of the center, where you can buy fresh and genuine products directly from local producers.

Among the culinary specialties of the area, you can taste dishes from the Teramo tradition such as “pasta alla chitarra” with “pallottine“, very small fried meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, and “mazzarelle“, made from lamb offal wrapped in green leafy vegetables. Timballo alla teramana, a rich first course meal made from layers of homemade scrippelle (very thin crepes, traditional of the Abruzzo region) topped with tomato sauce, pallottine and mozzarella. Then there is the “ventricina“, a typical spreadable salami prepared with pork, pepper, and paprika, suitable for seasoning tasty bruschetta. Several types of cheese and oil are also essential on the table. The “Virtù” are the protagonists of the culinary tradition: a poor dish based on legumes and seasonal vegetables that is never missing on the First of May. This dish has been handed down from generation to generation and represents the transition from winter to spring, combining the remains of winter preserves with the first fruits of the new season.

The symbol of our region that the whole world knows is “arrosticini”. A delicacy based on diced sheep meat skewered on wooden skewers, grilled, and served hot, they are essential in all festive and convivial occasions. A tradition for any self-respecting Abruzzese!

We cannot fail to mention some of the typical desserts of the area, strongly linked to traditions and religious festivals but now found throughout the year: “pizza dolce”, “bocconotti”, “sfogliatelle” filled with grape jam and/or chocolate, “caggionetti” filled with chestnuts, essential for Christmas celebrations, whose recipe is passed down in all families.