The Festivals of Tradition

Roseto degli Abruzzi, always a place of hospitality and tourism, experiences a moment of absolute liveliness in the summer. A considerable part of the city’s activities take place during festivals and celebrations that, year after year, attract the curiosity of many people eager for fun and enthusiastic about discovering new aspects of local culture.

The Sciabica historical reenactment

The “sciabica” is a traditional drag net, consisting of two long wings and a bag, used in the past for fishing but now outdated as a fishing technique. It has been prohibited for many years. During the summer, particularly during the period of the commemoration of Saint John, on June 24th, one can admire evocative reenactments on the coast of our city, authorized by regulations to honor the ancient maritime tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation in the families of Roseto’s fishermen. The symbol and scene of the reenactment have often been the beach near the pier, where old and young sailors lower into the water finely meshed nets, jealously preserved. Small boats carry the nets offshore and then pull them ashore with ropes, creating a magical atmosphere of anticipation and wonder. Are you ready to relive these evocative moments?

Roseto degli Abruzzi August holiday

On the occasion of August 15th, Roseto celebrates its patron saint, Santa Maria Assunta. The city comes alive with events, parties, concerts and the day is dedicated to fun, especially on the beach, where everyone gathers to spend this occasion together. A particularly emotional and evocative moment is the religious celebration which, after a mass and a procession that crosses the city, culminates in the transportation of the statue of the Madonna along the entire route and finally, at sea rocked by a boat. A magical moment of contemplation, but also of amazement and memories. The day ends with a fireworks show eagerly awaited by the population, a play of lights and fireworks that begins the long night of August 15th, when beach resorts and clubs fill up with music and dancing until the next morning.

Wine Exhibition – Mostra dei Vini

Imagine getting lost in the streets of the enchanted village of Montepagano with a good glass of wine in your hand, accomplice of laughter and joy. his event is successfully repeated year after year, allowing the locals to renew their love and passion for the products of our land and is an important food and wine showcase for tourists visiting the city. During the event, local wineries are hosted in venues and homes in Montepagano to show and demonstrate the high quality and great production work carried out. In a setting of rare beauty and historical importance, all types of available wines can be tasted and various delicacies can be eaten in combination, with the possibility of guided tastings by highly trained sommeliers. The event is completed with shows for both adults and children, the perfect background for unforgettable evenings.

Historical Reenactment “Mons Pagus AD 1566”

Last year, in 2022, we reached the fifth edition of the Renaissance historical reenactment through the streets of the village of Montepagano, a project made possible by the collaboration between the Municipality, the various associations present in the area, and the “Saffo” High School, to promote the territory and its history.

As part of a creative writing project, the students created a novel set during the raids of the Saracens, who sailed the Adriatic Sea, bringing new characters from distant origins to the coast. The theme of the reenactment uses history to highlight many contemporary issues: integration, respect for others, and openness towards different cultures and religions.

During the event, the village immerses itself completely in the Renaissance atmosphere with period decorations and costumes carefully curated down to the smallest detail. You can experience a time and space far away, but equally close to the values that inspire us and guide us to become more and more a city worth visiting.

Roseto Opera Prima

Roseto Opera Prima is an Italian film festival conceived by director Tonino Valerii, which takes place annually in Roseto degli Abruzzi since 1996. The event is dedicated to films directed by debutant directors, and the award for the best first feature is assigned by a popular jury chaired by a prominent figure from the Italian film industry. Throughout the various editions, Golden Roses have been awarded to important figures in the Italian film scene such as Marco Bellocchio, Bud Spencer, Dario Argento, Tinto Brass, Pupi Avati, Nanni Moretti, Neri Marcorè, Stefania Sandrelli, Roberto Faenza, Barbora Bobuľová, Gianni Minà, Massimo Girotti, Giuliano Gemma, Luigi Lo Cascio, and many others.