The “Remo Maggetti” Sports Hall can be considered the home of rosetano basketball.

It was inaugurated on August 18, 1978, hosting the Junior Basketball European Championship. It has a seating capacity of 4,500 and is the largest indoor facility in the Abruzzo region.

Since 2004, it has been named after the late Remo Maggetti, who played for several Serie A teams and represented the national team on multiple occasions.

On May 14, 2006, during the Serie A1 match between Roseto and Capo d’Orlando, the PalaMaggetti sold out, with about 6,000 attendees according to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The PalaMaggetti can host basketball competitions up to the A1 level, as well as volleyball and wheelchair basketball events. It has also hosted the Polisportiva Amicacci and various non-sporting events.