The Borsacchio Nature Reserve

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The Reserve was established in 2005, and covers parts of the territories of Roseto degli Abruzzi, Cologna, and Montepagano.   These areas run from the hills to the coastal area, all environmentally intact.   Rare species of birds can be found, for example the ‘’Fratino’’ (Charadrius Alexandrius) a bird at risk of extinction.

Full description

The Borsacchio Nature Reserve was established in 2005, its territory extends for 1100 meters between Roseto degli Abruzzi and Cologna beach, between the sea and the hills  of Cologna  and Montepagano. It is characterized by a hilly area and is one of the last stretches of the coast of Abruzzo that retains features of environmental integrity and landscape, not yet affected by the chaotic settlement development that has affected most of the Adriatic territories.

Here we can find  dunes and traits of rare species of birds including the ‘’Fratino’’, a white bird that according to the ancient Greeks visited only the gardens of the king, here is protected because in Italy is at risk of extinction, Its presence makes us understand that this is a beach clean and rich in spontaneous vegetation.

The beach of Borsacchio has been fenced to protect the Fratino and its eggs to respect the protected coastal area, all this has the aim of preserving the dunes, the flora and fauna that live in the reserve.

The History

Near the Borsacchio a helmet was found belonging to an ancient civilization, which was the testimony of the passage of the Goths in Abruzzo. In 1800 the Tordino area and the Borsacchio torrent were under the administration of Giulianova, while the part of Vomano was governed by Montepagano. A few years later the King of Naples assigned Montepagano the entire control of the Borsacchio.

In 1939  the beach of Roseto degli Abruzzi  became of considerable public interest, because it consists of poplar groves, pine trees and other trees a few meters from the shore. In 1969 a new decree extended the area  up to the hills. The Minister of Education and the Minister of Tourism decreed the final extension of the Borsacchio.

Vines in Reserve

The Borsacchio Nature Reserve has organized a project to recover abandoned vines called "vines in reserve". Long ago the coastal stretch of Roseto degli Abruzzi was characterized by very large vineyards, but with changes in society and coastal erosion these vines were abandoned.

The Flora

In the Borsacchio Nature Reserve we can find some species of plants...

Sea Lily: this is a rare and mysterious flower, which besides being beautiful is also poisonous.

Sulla: this is a very valuable spontaneous herbaceous plant also in natural medicine.

The Fauna

In addition to birds in the Borsacchio Nature Reserve we can find other species of animals...

Red squirrel:it is also simply called a squirrel, and has good eyesight and good hearing; they have very long fingers to have a good grip on the bark, while the very large tail serves to balance its weight by movements.

Doggy:it is a fish living practically attached to the bed of the rivers and streams, which feels with the fins, preferring gravel and gravel bottoms, with clean and running waters. It feeds on worms and larvae of both insects and fish found on the seabed. It has omnivorous characteristics and looks for food especially at dusk or at night.

The Borsacchio Nature Reserve
Riserva naturale del Borsacchio, Parco del Borsacchio, Via Nazionale, 12, 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi TE, Italia