Portorose - Roseto's Harbours

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A small well organised tourist harbour at the south of Roseto degli Abruzzi has 150 berths.  There you can find a restaurant, a bar, and a yacht club, called Carlo Vallonchini, founded in the 1960’s. The yacht club, started a motorboat race, Roseto degli Abruzzi-Spalato, which then led to the twinning with Makarska. The race then became Roseto degli Abruzzi, Spalato, Markaska.   The promoter of various initiatives was Ing. Eligio Valentini. It is also a perfect place to take panoramic photos and videos and and to admire the sea and the mountains.

Full description

The magnificent Portorose tourist port, with its 150 berths, is a small and organized port-refuge, located to the north near the Vomano river.

It is located in a vast place surrounded by green in a privileged and unique position and is located between services and space a few km from the center of Roseto degli Abruzzi.

Now there is a Restaurant and also a bar.It’s location is magical because at a glance you can admire the sea and the Gran Sasso at the same time, a reason that gives our region, Abruzzo, a very lucky position and that connects two landscape realities so different but at the same time so close; perfect place to take panoramic photos and videos. Also it gives people a chance to dedicate themselves to fishing, besides a recommended destination for anyone coming from the bikepath.


Take one step back

Over the past few years a dock arose at the mouth of the Vomano. There is a recreational club, the "Carlo Vallonchini" Nautical club where various sport activities such as clay pigeon shooting and tennis were also practiced. The place was called Portorose.                                                

One of the promoters of the initiative was the engineer Eligio Valentini, so registered in the birth certificate, in spite of the parents choosing Eligio. He was born on November 30, 1923 in the hamlet of Montepagano. After attending elementary school under the watchful eyes of his mother, a teacher, he was sent to the college in Osimo where attended the Gymnasium and the high school obtaining the high school diploma. After the war he moved to Turin at the Politecnico and graduated in Civil Engineering in 1952.  

He developed his drawing skills by elaborating sketches for his design ideas, also in sport he valued his talent, drawing athletes in the expression of the maximum effort represented by the power of muscle bundles. In basketball he drew a pivot, which later became the federal logo of the Italian Basketball Federation. Also passionate about high-sea motorboating, in the shipyard of Giovanni Baroni, located nearby, Valentini built a racing motorboat called AUG, the initials of anna, his wife, and his childrens Umberto and Giovanna who in 1967 started the first edition of the Roseto-Spalato, which later became Roseto-Spalato-Makarska. These races also contributed to the Roseto-Makarska twinning.

The famous motorboat was driven by Eligio Valentini and his on-board mechanic was Lino De Gregoris. In the following years the vehicle had a second pilot.The AUG motorboat will soon be restored and will remain for the memory of the crossings in the premises of the Nautical Club.

Portorose - Roseto's Harbours
Via Tamigi, 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi TE, Italia