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The “Remo Maggetti” sports hall (PalaMaggetti) was inaugurated on 18 August 1978, hosting the European Junior Basketball Championships. The PalaMaggetti with a capacity of 4,500 seats is the largest facility in Abruzzo. It is the home of the great tradition of Basketball in Roseto degli Abruzzi. In  2004  the name of sports hall was changed to Remo Maggetti, who played in several top league teams, and  various times in the national team. After leading  an exemplary life he died suddenly at the age 65.





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The Remo Maggetti sports hall (also called PalaMaggetti) is located in Roseto degli Abruzzi.

Inaugurated on August 18, 1978 with the opening ceremony of the men's European junior basketball championships, the PalaMaggetti is a sports hall in Roseto degli Abruzzi with a capacity of 4,500 seats which makes it the largest facility in the entire Abruzzo region. On 14 May 2006 on the occasion of the Serie A1 Roseto - Capo d'Orlando match, PalaMaggetti sold out, the Gazzetta dello Sport reported about 6000 appearances.

The playing field consists of a wooden parquet. Some modernization works were completed in 2003.

It is located in via Salara and since 11 February 2004 it is dedicated to Remo Maggetti, historic player from Roseto, winner of two league titles (1960-1961, 1963-1964) and of an Intercontinental cup (1966) with Varese Basketball, who died in 2003. It can host basketball competitions (it was the home of Roseto Basket also in Serie A1), volleyball (Volley Pineto played there the Serie A1 2009-2010) and handibasketball (it hosted the Polisportiva Amicacci Giulianova in the Serie A season 2019/20). and other non-sporting events. It is also home to the Rose Garden (Serie B) and the Rose Garden Basketball Academy.


Still very young, Remo was seen playing football by a holidaymaker friend who put a lot of pressure on him to take him to Lazio or Pescara. At the age of 14 (1951) he took his first steps in basketball and immediately stood out thanks to his explosive dynamism and his incredible speed and ability to rise to the basket, despite his height of only 1.78 m. Later he played both in the city soccer team (La Rosetana), and in the local basketball team (Il Roseto Basket) which in 1960 he promoted to Serie A. His fellow citizens still remember his tenacity in constantly wanting to improve: he went to the 'Arena 4 Palme, alone, to shoot for a basket, before going to school and in the evening as long as the moon allowed it. At 18 he definitively chose basketball as a sport.

His career was a succession of titles and victories divided between his cities: until 1960 in his beloved Roseto; from 1960 to 1966 with Ignis Varese, from 1966 to 1972 with Fides Partenope Napoli and from 1972 to 1978 with Juve Caserta. Among his successes he boasts a long militancy in Serie A and a constant victory in the scorers' classification with an average of 30 to 40 points per game. It is worth remembering a match against Modena, in which he scored 64 points, despite the fact that the three-point shot did not yet exist and assuming that his role was that of play / guard. Of particular note are: the winning of 3 championships, in the years 1960, 1963 and 1966, one of which was lost at the table due to a wrong registration of a player of his team; the victory of the Intercontinental Cup in Madrid in 1966 with Ignis Varese, where he was judged the best player, to the point that the national and foreign newspapers acclaimed him "REMO MAGGETTI L'HOMBRE DE MADRID", and again he won an Italian Cup and a Cup of the Cups with Naples basketball from 1968 to 1970. He also played in the Italian national team and, moving to Caserta, he brought the local team Juve Caserta from Serie C to Serie A2. He later went on to play in Serie B and D teams.

After retiring from the game, he did a great managerial job in the youth teams, becoming a  reference point for Roseto sport, the ambassador and symbol of the Abruzzo sports movement in Italy. He has coached men's and A2 women's Serie B teams and concluded with the men's youth teams, winning promotion to minor leagues and above all a national youth championship in Cervia.

After an exemplary life on and off the field, he died suddenly at the age of 65 and his organs were donated.



Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

One of the strongest players in the past for Roseto is definitely Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, born Chris Wayne Johnson in Gulfport on March 9, 1969, has been a professional in the NBA and in the Euroleague. It was the third overall pick in the 1990 NBA draft, called by the Denver Nuggets with whom he played 6 seasons. In 1993-94, he missed the NBA all-time record for accuracy on free throws when he finished with 95.6% from the line, versus Calvin Murphy's 95.8% set in 1980-81. Both in 1992-93 and in 1995-96 he averaged 19.2 points per game.

In March 1996, one of his gestures sparked controversy when he remained in the locker room instead of being on the pitch singing the US anthem before a game, then declaring that he considered the stars and stripes flag a symbol of oppression. Three months later he was traded by the Nuggets to the Sacramento Kings. In the first year with the Kings he started in most of the occasions, while in the second year he was never deployed as a starter.

In 1998 he then arrived in Turkey for a brief interlude at Fenerbahçe. On June 22, 1999 he announced his retirement, but a year later he returned to the NBA for a final season, this time at the Vancouver Grizzlies, with whom he played 11.9 minutes per game.

After a two-year break, his career continued in Europe, at Ural Great Perm 'in 2003-04 and at Roseto Basket in 2004-05. He then declared his retirement, but returned to business again in 2006-07 accepting the offer from Aris Thessaloniki. Two other experiences, in Saudi Arabia and Japan, were the last of his career. In Roseto Basket he scores 18.4 points and 2.2 assists per game.


Two meters tall by 95 kg, Super Mario Boni was a guard / winger with a strong temperament and great long-range shooting ability.

He is the first and only player in FIP history to reach 20,000 career points

In 2000 he marries in Roseto where he drags the team to the A1 series, helping to reach the entry in the championship play-offs the following year. He is one of the few players to have exceeded 10,000 points in professional leagues and the third in the history of our basketball to exceed 11,000 points. Considering the relationship between games played and points scored, he is the Italian player who has scored the most but, despite this, the doors of the national team have almost always been closed for him, especially because of the character limits that have distinguished him.

In an interview, however, the famous coach Ettore Messina, who at the time had first called up and subsequently excluded Boni from the national team for the 1993 European Championships, when asked what his biggest regret was, replied that he had not given space to Mario. Boni.

His exultation is famous, an airplane that was often used against him in an ironic way by the opposing public (together with the chorus "Make the airplane, Mario Boni make us the airplane") when he didn't shine or lost the games on the parquet "enemies "like those of Pistoia or Siena


Another great player who has passed through Roseto in modern times is Brandon Sherrod who played in the lido delle rose in the 2016/17 and 2018/19 seasons. 198 cm high by 109 kg Sherrod is an atypical and very technical center. Driver of the team in 2016/17 under the guidance of coach Emanuele di Paoloantonio together with team mate Adam Smith, who lead Roseto up to the semifinal of the playoffs lost against Virtus Bologna. Brandon's stats are 13.5 points and 8.3 rebounds on average.

On his return to Roseto in 2018/19 under the guidance of coach Germano D'arcangeli, Sherrod always manages to be a big factor for the team that manages to reach the playoffs by losing in the quarterfinals against Blu basket Treviglio. Brandon's stats are 15.2 points and 8.5 rebounds on average.

Sherrod attended one of the most prestigious universities in the states, YALE university, in which he played 114 games and scored 847 points.

One of his greatest passions besides basketball is music. Brandon, who has created a great bond with the people of Roseto, wrote and sang a song dedicated to the lido delle rose.


In 2018, with the union between the Roseto Sharks and the star Azzurra Roma, there was an improvement in the Roseto youth sector thanks to the start-up of an academy.

The academy began hosting players from all over Italy and Europe in the Hotel financed by the Cimorosi family at the Bellavista and Liberty structures. Followed by Raffaele Rossi (head of the youth sector), the academy is the union of all Roseto youth clubs. With the recruitment work carried out by the academy's coaches, we try to give any boy with potential both physically and technically the opportunity to improve his game to the maximum possible extent by confronting the best teams in Italy. Since the 2018/19 season the Rose Garden basketball Academy has always played national championships (DNG u 18), and excellence (u 20, u 16, u 15).

Results obtained: 2018/19

U18 DNG: second phase of the Italian Cup, National Finals 3 against 3 (fifth place).

U16: Regional semifinal championship of excellence, National finals 3 against 3 (11 place), Abruzzo Cup winners.

U15: Regional championship of excellence final.

U14: Elite regional champions, Porto San Giorgio National Finals.

U13: Elite regional champions, Second place National Finals Join the game.

This important project is already giving great results as indicated above, then adding the important victories in the 2019/2020 season unfortunately ended due to COVID with the U18 DNG against the battleships Virtus bologna, Fortitudo bologna, Pesaro.

PalaMaggetti P.zza Olimpia 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi TE Italia