Crafts and agriculture

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A feather in the cap for Roseto are artisan confectioner’s who prepare handmade products that shine in terms of originality and delicious flavours, ideal for all those with a sweet tooth.

Local agriculture supports a solid food and agricultural produce export market ably represented by:

  • Industrie Rolli Alimentari S.p.A., a producer famed for quality preserves and frozen products;
  • Raffaele Magrini, a leader in the production of artisan ice-creams;
  • Pastificio Verrigni, famous worldwide for the many shapes of pasta it produces;
  • Casal Thaulero, an internationally-renowned wine cellar whose name derives from the casale (farmhouse) that was the country residence of the ‘Thaulero’ lords who carried out intensive reclamation work on land they then used to produce the great wines Roseto is rightly proud of.