Free beaches

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Free beaches for those who enjoy unspoilt spaces and carefree fun, Roseto degli Abruzzi offers stretches of ‘free’ beach:

  • Lungomare Trieste
    Between the pier and Orsa Minore (beach no. 6); between Orsa Minore (beach no. 6) and Lido Lina (beach no. 7); between Lido Lina (beach no. 7) and Rosa dei Venti (beach no. 8); between Rosa dei Venti (beach no. 8) and Lido Papenoo (beach no. 9).
  • Lungomare Celommi
    Between Lido Mirage (beach no. 11) and Lido Marini (beach no. 12); between Lido Luigi (beach no. 14) and Lido La Paranzella (beach no. 15).
  • Lungomare Trento
    Between Lido Oltremare (beach no. 32) and Lido Bellavista (beach no. 33); between the fishermen’s boat storage facility and Lido Luna Rossa (beach no. 37); between Lido Oasis (beach no. 41) and Hotel Mion (beach no. 42); between Hotel Mion (beach no. 41) and Lido Vigili del Fuoco; stretch of Borsacchio Nature Reserve from Lido d’Abruzzo up to Cologna Spiaggia near Lido Mucillaggine for about 3 km.
  • Cologna Spiaggia
    Between Lido Salsedine and Lido Lo Squalo; between Lido l’Astice and Camping Nino.